Who is a hidden system user?

Sometimes, Cloud Director users with Organization level permissions try to find out who this hidden system user initiated the task. Or System Admin wants to find users who execute tasks via API. To find out who it was, follow these steps: Find Job ID for necessary task 2. Connect to Cloud Director database and execute … Continue reading Who is a hidden system user?


Create NSX-T T1 Router Service Interface via PowerCLI

Small notes about NSX-T and PowerCLI. This is the only code example to understand the basic logic of the module. #NSX-T Manager $nsxTServer='nsx-t.local' $NsxT=Connect-NsxtServer -Server:$nsxTServer -User:$user -Password:$password # Query example. VCD create use tag for identification object on NSX-T level. tag = vcd object urn $Search = Get-NsxtPolicyService -Name:com.vmware.nsx_policy.search.query $Query='resource_type:(tier1) AND (tags.tag:"urn:vcloud:gateway:093558ca-21ce-49ba-a8ae-0edca7bdbbac")' $T1 = $Search.list($Query) … Continue reading Create NSX-T T1 Router Service Interface via PowerCLI

NSX-v Bridging and SoftRSS

A story about L2 Bridges with NSX-v is not so popular. We can find a lot of articles about configuring bridging, then there is very little information about evaluating its performance. NSX docs have some info about improving bridging throughput. SoftRSS (Software Receive Side Scaling) is hardware-independent technology and it can switch bridging to "multi-stream mode". The activation process is very … Continue reading NSX-v Bridging and SoftRSS

vRealize Orchestrator 8.1 and PowerCLI

Since vRO 8.1 there is support for Powershell execution as runtime based on Powershell Core 6.2. The following modules are available out of the box: PowerCLI 11.5PowerNSX 3.0.1174PowervRA 3.6.0 Default runtime limits for PowerShell action scripts: Memory: 64 MBTimeout: 180 seconds Be careful!!! The standard memory limit is not enough to use PowerCLI. You get … Continue reading vRealize Orchestrator 8.1 and PowerCLI

Under the hood of integration vRo and Vmware Cloud Director

Starting with vCloud 9.1, it became possible to integrate any vRealize Orchestrator workflows into vCloud Director UI and provide essential Xaas. Two ways are available: publishing in the UI and using the API endpoint. But today, the only API allows you to get the return variable value returned by workflow. Throw api-explorer you can find method description: The easiest way … Continue reading Under the hood of integration vRo and Vmware Cloud Director